Christine Abdelnour & Joachim Nordwall - A Higher State Of Body And Mind CD (Firework Edition Records) CD/CDr/DVD

Firework Edition Records, SWE

Lebanese saxophonist Christine Abdelnour brings an impressive, extended instrumental vocabulary to Joachim Nordwall’s cryptic electronics in this live recording made at Ystad Konstmuseum for Sweden’s Firework Edition Recordings.

Falling deeply within the label’s taste for sounds that exist on the liminal edge of perception, ‘A Higher State of Body and Mind’ sees Abdelnour coaxing spittle-inflected small sounds and bestial whimpers from her brass tool while Nordwall colours the negative space in elemental, greyscale drones and sheets of coruscating electronic texture.

Their results are organic and drily, soberly expressive in a transfixing style of sonic dialogue that covers all tiers of the frequency spectrum. As the release’s title implies, ‘A Higher State of Body and Mind’ is attuned to extremes of penetrative highs and rich, sonorous low end, but neither dominate the other, rather they buoy and balance each other in their quest to elevate listeners to experience, feel and perceive the recording on its purely sensual, synaesthetic terms.

Artwork by Leif Elggren.
Edition of 200.