Dave Phillips & Mei Zhiyong ‎- Sonic Rituals 声响仪式 DVD (Fuzztape) CD/CDr/DVD

Fuzztape, CHN

Mei Zhiyong and Dave Phillips toured China in July, 2014. They travelled through 18 Cities and played 19 concerts. One red thread of the film is the subcurrent that talks of feelings, atmosphere, travel, friendship, sounds, passion and ceremony.

Directed by Mei Zhiyong

Runtime : 52 min
color : Black & White
Language : Chinese & English
Production : Fuzztape
Release : December 2015
Produced in Changchun, China
Region free DVD

mei zhiyong / 梅志勇 (*1984) pursues a physical form of sonic rapture, an explorative mind with the body as a tool pushing the limits, seeking a liberating nothingness beyond logic, found in coarse actionistic or quietly manic outbursts, in dizzying electronic soarings or in following unknown traces in field recordings. mei zhiyong also directs and shoots independent short films, works with photography and is part of the nojiji collective. he was born in shandong province and lives in changchun city, china.

dave phillips / dp (*1969) is a sonic activist, composer and performer and has been a purveyor of radical sound since the mid 80's, solo since 1987, with schimpfluch gruppe since 1991, with OHNE 2000 – 2008 and in many other projects. dp has developed an unique sonic language typified by sharp compositional techniques, immersive and cathartic sound rituals with strong existentialist / environmentalist connotations, and the concept of humanimal. dp lives in zürich, switzerland.