Manuel Zurria - Again and Again 2xCD (Ants) CD/CDr/DVD

Ants, IT

This is the third and final chapter of a project/research on "minimalisms" that the Italian flutist Manuel Zurria, acclaimed instrumentalist and passionate lover of the more adventurous contemporary music, began in 2007. The double CD include near two and a half hours of music, which reveal how much different the approaches to the beloved "minimalist" verb can be. And how much an inquiring and participatory interpretation can lead to exciting results.

In this brilliant collection Zurria not only "plays" pieces by some of the most important and exciting composers on the international scene, but "it makes them its own", reinterprets them, adapts them to his sensitivity, finally making a "version" that transcends the limits of the genre. Here you find an exhilarating review (transgressive but, in a personal and deep way, "faithful") where the research spirit of Zurria introduces us to old and new authors from Eastern Europe (such as Sáry, Szemző, Demoč, Kabelis, Mažulis) and makes us re-know essential musicians such as Riley, Reich, Glass, Tenney, Skempton, Volans.

Manuel Zurria is an Italian flutist and multi-instrumentalist of international fame. He worked with composers such as Sylvano Bussotti, Aldo Clementi, Alvin Lucier, Salvatore Sciarrino. Composers from around the world wrote pieces for him; in between them Giancarlo Cardini, Philip Corner, Noah Creshevsky, Bernhard Lang, Mary Jane Leach, James Saunders, Stefano Scodanibbio, Jacob TV and many many others. As a performer he played the music of Terry Riley, Arvo Part, Frederic Rzewski, Alvin Curran, Kevin Volans and a plethora of others, all around the world in international festival and concert series. He recorded with BMG Ariola, Mode, Stradivarius, Ricordi, Die Schachtel, EdiPan, Capstone, Another Timbre, Mazagran, Megadisc, ANTS. He's author of a unique discographic project on Minimalism in 3 parts and 7 CDs ("Repeat!" by Die Schachtel -2007-, "Loops4ever" by Mazagran -2011- and "Again & Again" by ANTS -2020-).

1. László Sáry - Számzene I - counting music (for Tom Johnson) 01:25
2. Philip Glass - Dance #2 16:06
3. Adrián Demoč - Canon 03:58
4. Steve Reich - Clapping Music 04:36
5. Rytis Mažulis - Carduelis 07:59
6. Terry Riley - Dorian Reeds 20:13
7. Philip Glass - Dance #4 18:04
8. Howard Skempton - Bagatelle 01:26
9. László Sáry - Számzene II - instrumental version, in LA 01:09
10. Kevin Volans - 7 Flutes 12:38
11. Steve Reich - Reed Phase 09:37
12. Tibor Szemző - Water-Wonder 16:40
13. Philip Glass - In Again Out Again 08:39
14. James Tenney - Harmonium #1 11:30
15. Ričardas Kabelis - Kalno Sutartine (VII) 14:21
16. Howard Skempton - Bagatelle 2 01:08