Elliott Sharp & Sergio Sorrentino - Spillà CD (Ants) CD/CDr/DVD

Ants, IT

“Spillá” (meaning "to play" in the secret language of the Neapolitan musicians) is a meeting between two masters of the guitar: Elliott Sharp's continuous innovation meets Sergio Sorrentino’s mastery of interpretation.

Recorded live in 2018 in Vercelli (Italy) here we have the surprising and effervescent rendition of two of Sharp’s graphic scores: "Hudson River Nr. 6" (1974) is an early experiment and is part of a series of scores derived from topographical maps superimposed to musical staff and then manipulated by the author.

"Liquidity" is part of a latter approach (2011) working on fragments of pre-existent musical notations heavily manipulated at the computer by Sharp. Both the scores deal with visual art as well as contemporary music and are conceived to give to the performers (better: interpreters), the broader information to "walk-in" the scores (following conceptual images and/or "sonorous" instructions).
The rest of the disc is comprised of two long improvisations where Sharp and Sorrentino takes the occasion to use the most varied (and "extended") guitar techniques, spanning all the range of contemporary "guitarism".