R Keenan Lawler & John Krausbauer - Spectre of Radiants CD (Ants) CD/CDr/DVD

Ants, IT

R Keenan Lawler & John Krausbauer's “Spectre of Radiants” is a droning, everlasting buzz of strings, gently undulating and intersecting. Unconventionally played, as usual, the resonator guitars and the banjos, builds the perfect stream of sound to accompany your longest days. Fitting in the ultraminimalist/ drone panorama, this acoustic gem follows the lineage drawn by the likes of Phill Niblock, Tony Conrad or Elaine Radigue, mixing and confronting it with the direct attitude toward sound of people like Jim O'Rourke to finally build another chapter in the investigation on acoustic and physics that underline the very musical spirit of the authors.