Costes - La Vie Tue LP (Jelodanti Records) LP/12"/10" vinyl

Jelodanti Records, FR

La vie tue, released on vinyl by Jelodanti Records, is a 12-track album that is formidable, dissonant, clumsy, salacious and wildly intelligent. Jean-Louis Costes displays there, with the economy of musical and vocal means that characterizes him, a dazzling form and a desire to fight with his time intact and as determined as in his writings.

Costes practices the politics of the scorched earth. Anything that can be heard after him is made derisory and lighter than air. This is also how we recognise the important records. They don't necessarily please but replace all the others. La vie tue is a major record, stupid and brilliant, regressive and decisive, a political record and in its own way more ecumenical and unifying than all the speeches of national reconciliation.