Steve Roden - Ecstasy Showered Its Petals... Mini CD (Ferns Recordings) CD/CDr/DVD

Ferns Recordings, FR

When creative inspiration gets precisely embedded in an artist’s brain, there’s no risk of failure even in a short proposal like this 3-inch, whose marvellously out-of-time cover reveals – together with the title – the only source for the music: a small bell that someone gave a while back to the composer, who proceeded to exploit its resonating traits according to his celebrated ability to convert the simplest items in mesmeric milieus for the resurrection of long-forgotten interior sensibilities.

By utilizing the authentic voice of the bell and processing the relative emanations, Roden manages to reach that state of half-gaseous, half-liquid timbral instability that permits the enjoyment of a mental edge more than the recording per se, which is saying something given the brilliance of the piece. Loyal devotees and seekers of metal-derived magnetic attraction will not want to miss this one: it’s plain dazzling in a semi-hypnotic kind of quietude that sounds at the same time incomparable and innate. Impressions that are constantly there, helpful for a stealing a look at infinity even when one’s unable to immediately understand this kind of magnitude. (Massimo Ricci)