Spoils & Relics ‎- Threadbare Adult Life 4x MC box-set (Second Sleep) cassette

Second Sleep, IT

A very perplexing listening experience. It’s far from clear what we might be hearing; improvisations, field recordings, found sounds, all of the above. It’s as though they set themselves the task of editing a feature film... to remove all the spoken bits of dialogue, so that all that remains is traces, fleeting images of a character opening their mouth about to speak, no sound. If you allow it, this baffling abstraction could take your mind for a little walk around corners you never knew existed. (Ed Pinsent)

Spoils & Relics are Gary Myles, Kieron Piercy, and Johnny Scarr.

Comes in a 7" reel-to-reel box incl. insert. Edition of 100 copies.