Eryck Abecassis - Siamoises / La Gueule Du Loup 2CD bundle (Fragment Factory) fragment factory

Fragment Factory, DE

2 CD bundle containing both of Eryck Abecassis CD releases for Fragment Factory: Siamoises (2020) and La Gueule Du Loup (with Francisco Meirino, 2017).

“Siamoises” is the 3rd solo album (after "Resonant Doom", Real Granular Reality, 2011 and "Ilumen", Entr'acte, 2015) by French-Algerian composer and sound artist Eryck Abecassis (b 1956) and his 2nd contribution to the FF label catalogue (after “La Gueule Du Loup” w/ Francisco Meirino, 2017). Composed and recorded in Paris 2018, “Siamoises” is the pairing of Eryck’s instrument of choice, an Ibanez 2404 double neck e-bass/guitar, with a modular synthesizer. Abecassis has composed for Radio France, INA GRM and Grame (among others). His music has been performed internationally at various music festivals such as Présences, Les Musiques-Marseille, Musiques en scènes-Lyon, Computer Art Festival Padova and more. He is living and working im Paris since 1976.

Released in an edition of 200 copies in a 6-panel fold out cover.

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"La Gueule Du Loup" explores raw improvisation in a crude, almost cruel manner. On stage the two musicians build musical sets free of pre-existing structures or recorded sounds. The electronic matrix arises from the modules and is immediately propelled into the atmosphere.

The two unpatched modular sythesizers first suggest a virgin circuit. Patches are built during the performance.

Cosmetic memory plays a secondary role here, catapulted styles shoving the idea of y unified single-style. This is another memory, where the patch is a substitution to ensure a sound coherence of elements, tones, micro-tones, rhythms, order and chaos.

Edition of 300 copies.