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Fourth Dimension Records, PL/UK

The 2CD version of the group's new album, originally released as a 2LP by Egyptian label Nashazphone. A stunning collection of songs by Gary Mundy, Anthony Di Franco, Stuart Dennison, Martyn Watts, Philip Best and Sarah Froelich that draw from post-punk, ravaged psychedelia, raw electronics and, of course, their own background as purveyors of music both intense and uncompromising.

Of the original 2LP release Brainwashed said: "Like 2015's 'Circular Time', 'The Great Unlearning' is another massive release from Ramleh, though a bit more concise as a double record, rather than a double CD. While 'Circular Time' was definitely a rock album, this one features the band further merging their two styles. On the whole it works as a perfect culmination of the project’s sound, from the ultra low fidelity tapes of the early 1980s, into the dense noise rock of the 1990s to the polished production of today. In just short of 80 minutes, 'The Great Unlearning' manages to summarize everything that has made Ramleh so brilliant for the past four decades, and hopefully a hint as to what will come next from Mundy and Di Franco in the future."