Gaël Segalen ‎- Sofia Says LP (Erratum/Coherent States) LP/12"/10" vinyl

Erratum/Coherent States, F/GR

Three years after her LP debut "L'Ange Le Sage" (Erratum, 2016) and nine months post its initial cassette edition by Coherent States, the parisian sound artist, activist and musician Gaël Segalen delivers her third album, "Sofia Says", picking up where her "Memoir of My Manor" cassette left off. Gaël connects here to a complex mythological entity, Sofia, in a spontaneous mediumnic way - and through her own filtered integration she presents a dynamic sample of her compositional psyche, creating a compelling mixture of abstract noise experimentations, field recordings and ecstatic electronic manipulation.

Edition of 300 copies in red-colored 180gr vinyl, housed in 300gsm reverse board jackets with red inner sleeves, including download code.

All copies signed by the artist.