Pieces - Untitled LP (White Centipede Noise) LP/12"/10" vinyl

White Centipede Noise, DE

PIECES is the live-to-tape collaboration between KAKERLAK (Nolan Throop), REDNECK (Matthew Jenkins) and OSCILLATING INNARDS (Gordon Ashworth). Nearly 8 years after their first cassette release on WCN, the material on this LP comes from a session recorded in 2014 and displays new levels in audial violence - from cooking, seething, jags accented with abnormal chirping and whistling feedback, to full-spectrum static rage characteristic of the artists' solo works, executed in perfect disharmony with each other.

This is an incredibly potent harsh noise record that takes its time to build a tense and explosive narrative without wasting a second. Maximum suffocating sound pressure fills the air thanks to dynamic mastering by Viktor Ottosson.

Edition of 199