Claire M Singer - Trian (Recent Works) 2xLP (Touch) LP/12"/10" vinyl

Touch, UK

A compilation of Singer's two stunning CD releases "Solas" (Touch, 2016) and "Fairge" (Touch, 2017) on 2x LP vinyl. Claire M Singer is a composer, producer and performer of acoustic and electronic music, film and installations. Her work has been widely commissioned, exhibited and performed throughout Europe and North America. This includes acoustic and electronic composition, fixed media, multi-media, installations and live electronics. She is also Music Director of the Organ Project at Union Chapel and regularly composes/performs her own works for organ and electronics at the Chapel and throughout Europe.

Sides 1 to 3: "Solas"

Solas and Wrangham were recorded by Iain Berryman at Union Chapel, London, 26-27th February 2016 on the organ built by Henry Willis in 1877. Mixed at Bennachie Studios, Aberdeen and EMS Goldsmiths, London.

Violin extracts on Eilean from “Land of the Standing Stones” composed and performed by Paul Anderson. Eilean was commissioned by Aberdeenshire Council.

Side 4: "Fairge"

Recorded by Clare Gallagher at Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, 12th June 2017 on the transept organ built by Ahrend & Brunzema (1965). Fairge was commissioned by Oude Kerk.

Edition of 500.