Various Artists - Aussicht / Absicht / Einsicht: 25 Jahre Bielefelder Colloquium Neue Poesie 2x CD (Aisthesis Verlag) CD/CDr/DVD

Aisthesis Verlag, DE

When the "Bielefeld Colloquium New Poetry" was founded in 1978 by about 20 internationally renowned authors and scientists, nobody could have foreseen the great and lasting resonance that this extraordinary meeting had found again and again for 25 years, until 2002. Neither bound by statutes nor by organisational constraints, the last 50 or so authors felt obliged to meet comparable artistic requirements alone. Their main concern is a methodical updating of literature that makes new discoveries in aesthetically unsecured terrain possible in the first place and challenges them to new ways of hearing, seeing and perhaps thinking. At the annual conference, they took the opportunity to present their latest works to each other, to expose each other to collegial criticism, to discuss the conditions and prospects of such non-market-conforming literature, to make plans, to try out new things, and last but not least to present themselves to the public with a great deal of fun and spontaneity at a large reading. The 2 CDs feature selected recordings of the annual reading.

Featuring: Henri Chopin, Jaap Blonk, Carlfriedrich Claus, Friederike Mayröcker, Franz Mon, Ernst Jandl, Valeri Scherstjanoi, Bernard Heidsieck, Hartmut Geerken and many more.