Various Artists - Phonetische Poesie CD (Aisthesis Verlag) CD/CDr/DVD

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Aisthesis Verlag, DE

In 1971 Franz Mon published the record PHONETISCHE POESIE at Luchterhand Verlag. It contained sound documents spanning the period from 1910, the beginnings of technical sound recording, to the present day. In spatial terms, the spectrum of the selection covered the entire European region. Conceptually, the collection represented the six decades between Russian Futurism and the language experiments of the 1960s.

This important document of acoustic-experimental literature - at the time a pioneering act - is being reissued here and made available again.

Featuring Raoul Hausmann, Henri Chopin, Bob Cobbing, Kazimir Malevic, François Dufrêne, Gerhard Rühm, Kurt Schwitters, Aleksej Krucënych, Ernst Jandl, Velemir Chlebnikov, Maurice Lemaître, Peter Greenham, Paul de Vree, Arrigo Lora-Totino, Ladislav Novák and Franz Mon.