Incapacitants - Ostracized Enigmatic Conqueror CD (Old Europa Cafe) CD/CDr/DVD

Old Europa Cafe, IT

New 2019 album by the Incapacitants including two studio tracks and one live recording:

"Paraponera Attack" is one of the most terrible pain in the world caused by Paraponera Clavata, known as “Bullet Ant”

"Financial Gerontology" is a multidisciplinary field of study encompassing both academic and professional education, that integrates research on aging and human development with the concerns of finance and business. (Wikipedia). In the financial industry, this is regarded very important theme for business chance, but no concrete action has really taken except tons of tautological discussions. I name this situation as “Financial Gerontautology”

The last track is a live recording at Soup, Ochiai, Tokyo on 10th February, 2018.

Edition of 300.


Paraponera Attack (excerpt)
Financial Gerontautology (excerpt)
Ochiai Soup (excerpt)