Torba ‎- Musica Convenzionale CD (Edizioni Aaltra) CD/CDr/DVD

Edizioni Aaltra, IT

"Musica Convenzionale" took slowly life in Berlin, where Mauro spent about eight years before moving in a small village nearby Lecce (southern Italy) where he currently resides. The material contained in this forty-minutes track outlines a sort of manifesto designed to (re)organize the results of the sound/aesthetics research carried under the moniker torba in the first ten years of activities of the project. Musica convenzionale, at the same time, represents the first chapter of a trilogy (informally) called "Le Musiche".

Torba is a solo project by Mauro Diciocia, a crude sonic collage that combines sounds and techniques hijacked from the musique concrète/tape music tradition with a modern and acousmatic approach to noise music and post-industrial soundscapes. Active since 2009, torba is an object in perpetual motion where the only constant element is represented by the organic use of field recordings/found footage and their manipulation through magnetic tapes and digital processors.

Edizioni Aaltra is a record series born as an organ of dissemination and promotion within the project Aaltra, a (non-physical) container based in Lecce focused on adventurous sonic languages. Active since February 2018, the collective Aaltra offers an ongoing program of live performances, workshops, readings and temporary installations in a multidisciplinary (non-)space configured, at the same time, as sound-art gallery, listening/projection room and incubator of new ideas. "Musica Convenzionale" is the first release of the series.