Ezramo / Gino Robair / David Fenech / Wendelin Büchler feat. Argo Ulva ‎- PopeWAFFEN LP (Corvo Records) LP/12"/10" vinyl

Corvo Records, DE

Gino Robair — blippobox, percussion
Ezramo — vocals, prepared zither, electronics, melodica
David Fenech — guitar, toys, walkman
Wendelin Büchler — prepared guitar, theremin
feat. Argo Ulva — trumpet, electronics

The work of the five musicians and performance artists from Germany, Italy, France and USA is settled between Weird Pop, Avanttrash, Free Improvised Music, Mediterranean Folklore and Noise Drones. As the artists are coming from different social and musical backgrounds, the recording is not just a mix of sounds and names but a creation of unique and exciting experiences.

„I think what I like most here is the strong sense of cooperation, leading to a very productive musical workplace; no showing off, much genuine dynamic interaction.“
— The Sound Projector (UK)