Enzo Minarelli - Live in San Francisco LP (Slowscan) LP/12"/10" vinyl

Slowscan, NL

Mineralli is a key figure in the development of sound poetry and intermeida, having operated the 3Vitre archive, curated outstanding compilations such as Voooxing Poooêtre and Antologia Polipoetica, and organized numerous events in addition to producing his own astounding works for recorded sound, text, video, and performance. The dual significance of his own work alongside his championing of others puts him in a similar space as Charles Amirkhanian, who introduces Minarelli on this recording. He continues to produce new work and help preserve the legacy of his peers. The boldness and vitality of his zestful performance style permeates this recording in an utterly successful way. The audience is noticeably giddy, punchy even, as he runs through versions of polypoems found on his Fame CD on Pogus and new interpretations of works by Italian Futurists. Great sets! A total triumph by a most likely underappreciated hero of sound poetry who happens to still be grinding away.

This LP is a documentation of Enzo Minarelli’s performances at the 23rd Other Minds festival which took place in April of 2018.

Edition of 200.