Eric La Casa ‎- AIR.ratio CD (Swarming) CD/CDr/DVD

Swarming, FR

This CD presents a selection of sound recordings made in Paris in buildings of various ages and dimensions. All the sound recordings were made using a pair of condenser microphones. Direct contact with the material was avoided. The recordings were subsequently assembled and equalized to optimize their abstract qualities, i.e. I sought to emphasize only sonic particularities related to the acoustics of the point of listening, not events related to the external movements (sounds of doors, or voices): a listening devoid of both context and reference.

"My listening project (about controlled mechanical ventilation in new buildings) is multiple: it can function as a sound study, a sonic data bank, a CD of environments, and finally as a music. This CD is intended to be an object without distinctive function. This is precisely what interests me: the question of listening, at home." (Eric La Casa)

Edition of 200.