Richard Youngs - This Is Not A Lament 2xCD (Fourth Dimension) CD/CDr/DVD

Fourth Dimension Records, UK/PL

Scotland’s bonniest indie/noise experimentalist pays homage to the divine discordance of Pibroch - the art music of Scottish Highlands bagpipers - along with a bunch of esteemed pals; Alasdair Roberts, Oren Ambarchi, Simon Wickham-Smith, Neil Campbell, Norifumi Shimogawa. Ideally you should cop this and head as far north as your clogs will take you before listening for full immersion.

“A welcome return from Richard Youngs to Fourth Dimension Records, a label that has supported his work since the early 1990s via collaborations with Simon Wickham-Smith. The latter returns to this set, a double album based around the notion of songs featuring special guests and, paying cryptic homage to the title of a certain PIL album, entitled This is not a Lament. Spread over the two discs, eleven here assume all manner of sonic guises that are often difficult or sometimes blissed-out but always rewarding.

Most include guests, themselves from a wide variety of backgrounds (taking in all from groups such as Trembling Bells and Vibracathedral Orchestra to folk, bagpipe music and abstract electronics), and are each named after a geographical location for reasons only the artists know. All of the guests are noted above on their respective tracks. Spanning almost two hours, This is not a Lament not only once again illustrates precisely how prolific an artist Richard Youngs is but firmly compounds his place as one who can comfortably traverse all from avant-strained forms of songwriting to those even less charted spaces.

As visionary as Robert Wyatt, he unwittingly exudes everything most perceive the very idea of English eccentricity as being. So-called ‘outsider’ music rarely arrives so pronounced and at the same time so warm and inviting. The guests here pay testament to this.”