Mats Erlandsson ‎– Hypodermic Letters CD (Portals Editions) CD/CDr/DVD

Portals Editions, DE

Mats Erlandsson’s new collection of sound work, Hypodermic Letters, embodies a vast array of sonic multiplicities, seamlessly blending texturized harmonicities with harmonized texturalities. Like light magically made audible, while in continuous disintegration, oscillating between the real and the illusory, the works contained in Hypodermic Letters insistently highlights the in-between only to forcefully push us to the beyond. By challenging our conventional ways of structuring the sensory into categories, e.g. the pure and the impure, the changing and the unchanging, or the unitary and the manifold, Erlandsson’s work provides an opportunity to let go and to dwell in unstructured phenomenality.