Stephen Cornford - Electrocardiographs Of A Cathode Ray Tube 7" (A Wave Press) 7" vinyl/flexi disc

A Wave Press, US

Recorded in May 2016 in Sokołowsko, Poland.

[...] "In a performance of this piece in Firenze, Cornford described it as two cathode ray tube TVs amplified with brain wave sensors. The ECG pick-ups are attached to the TVs to amplify them. An amplifier, or oscillator, is fed into the TVs video input where he then picks up the TV screens electromagnetic emissions. He’s recording the energy of the tubes and seeing if they have a brainwave, so to speak. Fascinating, really and truly. The two sides of the 45 are gentle, repeating electronic heartbeats of static and fuzz. Variations occur with every pulse even though the pattern may at times seem similar. As each piece progresses, the differences in sound are more apparent." [...] (KFJC 89.7FM )

Edition of 300.