Anna Schimkat - Spinhouse MC (Fragment Factory) fragment factory

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Fragment Factory, DE

Anna Schimkat (b 1974) is a Darmstadt born media artist and trained sculptress, living and working in Leipzig, Saxony since 2006.

The first side of this release documents one of Schimkat's site specific sound installations, one of her main fields of work during the past years. »Spinhouse« is based on a 4-channel live installation, which took place in Dresden in 2014. The piece was created from and with the inherent sounds of the office building where the event took place, using the facade of the building itself as a score for the composition.

»Today's Noise« on the flipside is Schimkat's audible comment to "Brexit Day" and the aftermath of the respective UK referendum, composed of snippets from the BBC News from the 24th of June 2016, a variety of field recordings and a wind organ, as well as heavy-hitting industrial sounds.

High-grade chrome cassettes, duplicated in realtime for optimum sound quality.
Edition of 50 copies, signed and dated by the artist.

Comes with high quality lossless download option of the full album.

An extensive oeuvre catalogue of Anna Schimkat (including CD) was recently published by Edition Kunstraum Michael Barthel and is also available from Fragment Factory.