Anna Schimkat - Resonanz/Resonance (2010-2017) Book+CD (Edition Kunstraum Michael Barthel) CD/CDr/DVD

Edition Kunstraum Michael Barthel, DE

164 pages, 21x27cm, bilingual german/english. Richly illustrated monograph about the works of german sound- and installation artist Anna Schimkat, including a CD.

In her work Leipzig artist Anna Schimkat deals with the examination of natural, social and cultural realities. One main focus is the experience of space, another the experience of sound in relation to space, or the other way round, space in relation to sound. Schimkat creates site specific and sensory installations in space and time.

Seven exemplarily works of the years 2010 to 2017 are documented in the catalogue “Resonanz / Resonance”. Composition at Ten Windows, wind (and Windsigns), C8H11NO2, Rondo NR.1 – NR.4, Composition for a Trainstation, Spinhouse, Sound as Colour, Note Sensible and some of her Possible Noises.

Two conversations about her work with Leipzig art mediator Jan Apitz and Michael Barthel, the philosophic text “Space considered relationally” of Susanne Nemmertz and sketches from her notebooks shed light on Schimkat´s way to work. The accompanying CD presents the soundworks discussed in the catalogue as audio stereo versions.

Edition of 300.