Francisco Meirino & Bruno Duplant - Dedans / Dehors CD (Moving Furniture) CD/CDr/DVD

Moving Furniture, NL

Anecdotic Music.

As with Luc Ferrari, it's an assemblage of recorded sequences, in which we recognize a succession of various events and we reconstruct in our imaginary a possible narrative that may have been at the origin of these sounds.

This is not the sound landscape (Soundscape or Field recording) whose neutrality of the author must be one of the characteristics. It is not reportage. Above all, it involves the assembly, by montage and superposition, of sounds of different origins with the intention of composing a musical continuity which can be assimilated to a kind of sonorous narrative.

In any case, it is the listener who has to construct his own story based on his recognition of the sources, or according to his interpretation of these sources. The composer organizes the different sounds, puts them in relation, creating associations but also contradictions in the mind of the listener.

Edition of 200.