Jean-Marc Foussat / Georgios Karamanolakis ‎- Substunce Sans Scrupule LP (Noise-Below / More Mars Team) LP/12"/10" vinyl

Noise-Below / More Mars Team, GR

"Substunce Sans Scrupule" is as much Georgios Karamanolaki's automatic writing on the work of Jean-Marc Foussat as Jean-Marc Foussat's on the work of Georgios Karamanolakis, imagined and recorded in 2017 in Paris and Athens. The ultra vivid dialogue and communication between the artists creates a completely spontaneous work of 43 minutes that constitutes an immersive ritual of shocking sound, illusionary image and complementarity.

In "Substunce Sans Scrupule" we witness the union of musique concrète ideas with noise, of field recordings with vocal delays, of electroacoustic music with drone. In "Substunce Sans Scrupule" the faraway splinters of jazz fuse with japanoise, the dreamy with the real, the Magical-Religious with the Scientific.

Edition of 300.