Jean-François Robardet - The Mourning Voice, Leipzig gig, 2017/04/11 - Object (Recordings for the Summer) non-music / multiples, prints, editions

Recordings for the Summer, DE

The Mourning Voice - Leipzig gig, 2017/04/11 is a live recording that doesn't exist, that will never exist, of a concert that never happened.

Designed by Michael Barthel, the 19 tracks of the concert are printed on a fold-out cover, placed in an empty cassette case. Edition of 30.

The object, as a compilation of incomplete documentation transformed into an event that everyone missed, represents a concretion of time, absence of time and words - as well as a modification, a silent gate between past and future and an empty archive or catalog of lost material.

Jean-François Robardet uses a large variety of media (drawing, poetry, digital image, sculpture, perfume) to address memory, war and time, and to research on the history of conflict and social and political issues, gender inequalities, cultural norms and discrimination. With "The Mourning Voice - Leipzig gig, 2017/04/11", Robardet's poetic, allegorical methods reveal an aspect of his practice, through which he edits setlists with titles of his visual body of work, to curate the disappearance of unwritten songs and unheard voices.