Michael Pleißner - Wie ein Funken im All MC (Recordings for the Summer) cassette

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Recordings for the Summer, DE

"A dialogue between two radios and two people" was played by Michael Pleißner, a fine artist based in Leipzig. Apart from a cassette produced in the 1990s which is now lost, this is the only recording he ever made.

Born 1951 in Leipzig, Michael Pleißner started to paint in the 1970's and later moved on to produce a large pile of paper collages as well as his "Dream Houses"-objects. Since 2010 he has solely been working on his artist books, using different art-, architecture- and other magazines concerning cultural issues, like "Vogue", in addition to nature-mags, like "Geo". Pleißner's books consist of collages dealing with the development of culture and the permanent change of human environment, while constantly producing relicts of itself. In this recording fragments of cultural information, which at the same time exists but has already passed, can be heard, "Like a Spark in Outer Space".