Christina Kubisch / Eleh ‎- Split LP (Important Records) LP/12"/10" vinyl

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Important Records, US

Christina Kubisch contemplates Nicolai Tesla and his concept of electrical remoteness as it applies to the modern world. In this piece Kubisch considers whether this is the future Tesla envisioned and what remoteness means in an age where remoteness hardly exists at all. Tesla's Dream includes electromagnetic field recordings from tramways, analog machines, light systems, power stations, airports, banks, secrity systems, advertising and the sounds of discharges and activities of Tesla's own devices. Recorded all over the world.

Eleh's composition Ohmage/Resistor utilizes a new kind of spaciousness and was composed for piano & Serge STS modular synthesizers. Though Tesla was not a consideration when the piece was recorded it takes on a new meaning and is well paired with Kubisch's.

Packaged in a letterpress printed jacket, edition of 500.