To Live And Shave In L.A. ‎- This Humiliating Age Will Not Succeed In Winning Our Respect MC (BHO) cassette

Belgian Home Optimisation, DE

Composed, Edited, Mixed And Produced by Tom Smith at KSV Hannover, April-August 2015, using master-recordings of seven outtakes* from TLASILA's The Wigmaker In Eighteenth-Century Williamsburg Album originally recorded in 1995 (and reworked/remixed/reconfigured through 2000)

* Sum Strode Withouten Head, Now The Pimp Doth Efface Himself, The Geneaology Of Orestes (According To Trace-Horse), Strip But This Puppet, From Withers To Belly Line, Mounting The Artifical Mare, and She Once Liked To Fuck A Drowsy Woman.

Mastered by Rat Bastard at Ben Hosker Studio, Miami Beach, August 2015

Limited edition of 100 unlabeled chrome cassettes in a four-color sleeve.