Dale Cornish and Phil Julian - Laughing Out 7" (The Wormhole) 7" vinyl/flexi disc

The Wormhole, UK

Three tracks which emerged from a rehearsal session in an oddly decorated room in South Croydon.

“Laughing Out” is the duo’s sing-along summer anthem and shares some DNA with “Love Can’t Turn Around” as re-imagined/destroyed by a middle–aged balding chap with a deep distrust of the dancefloor. “For Vocal” appears to be a recording of people moving pallets of ride cymbals wrapped in tin-foil around a warehouse but it’s hard to say, really. Almost certainly important. “Palazzo” = a computer minding its own academic business + some curmudgeonly American test equipment + some honeypot crooning = not a dry seat in the house.

Composed and performed by top pop duo Dale Cornish and Phil Julian. Dale Cornish: vocals, words, electronics (B1 and B2). Phil Julian: electronics. Mastered by that Phil Julian. Cut by Jason Goz, London, February 2016. Screenprint of a legendary double-act by Lukas Julius Keijser.

Edition of 123 copies.