Phil Julian - Trace LP (Harbinger Sound) LP/12"/10" vinyl

Harbinger Sound, UK

Harbinger Sound serve the results of Phil Julian's stint at Stockholm's hallowed EMS Studio in 2013. Originally recorded for diffusion over the 21-channel Audiorama surround system, this stereo mix condenses the elements to a paltry two channels, but we've only got two ears and one set of headphones so we'll happily make do. There are three pieces on offer: the 18-minute 'Open Form' spans the A-side with shivering microtones and microtemporal rhythms precipitating more invasive psycho-acoustics and desolate drones; B-side 'Corona' deals in bristling, insectoid harmonics and piquant high frequencies, but the best is saved for last with the keening microtonal cadence and looming shapes of 'Arrival' likely to stay with you after the record has stopped spinning. (Boomkat)