Various Artists - Okkulte Stimmen - Mediale Musik: Recordings of unseen Intelligences 1905-2007 3xCD Box (Supposé) CD/CDr/DVD

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Supposé, DE

Splendid 3 CD box-set with recordings of purported demonic possession, glossolalia, precognition, poltergeists, and the Electronic Voice Phenomenon. An essential document of parapsychological research throughout the 20th Century. Including a 40-page bilingual (english/german) booklet.

"... the CDs, lasting altogether well over three hours, are delight from start to finish. Something curious seems to happen while listening to these CDs back to back (at least it did in the present case): one begins to yearn to have been there, and appreciates anew what a rich history psychical research possesses. It is particulary fascinating to listen to people whose names are familiar from printed sources but whose voices are rarely heard. ... The aim was to present as wide a range of examples as possible - an aim that has been admirably fulfilled." (Tom Ruffles, Journal of the Society for Psychical Research)