The Oval Language / RLW / Das Synthetische Mischgewebe - Sprechzimmern CD (Scrotum Records) CD/CDr/DVD

Scrotum, DE

A hommage to Carlfriedrich Claus, sound poet and graphic artist with a largely concealed output, working in the no-man's-land of Annaberg-Buchholz, near Chemnitz, Germany, was with some exceptions only discovered after the fall of the wall. Creating a work of vocal utterances not only composed with great sophistication, but underlined with intense philosophical research.

How could we not be enthusiastic and even euphoric when digging through the layers of his multi-faceted body of work that has progressively been published as deserved, which wasn't the case during the GDR regime that had him withdrawn his title of a professional artist. Concentrating on a few basic elements, intuition and chance as creative tools backed by intense theory and contextualization, working methods we all strive for ourselves. It was just a matter of time and time it took, but it was worth it, to do our own take inspired and in homage to this great man to whom we feel so linked.

This is not a collaboration of working on each other's sound files, it rather is to let each other know, to compare where each participant's exploration is positioned and how the distinct works could be arranged together in order to allow for a varied but continues listening session. A process of filtering and combining, adding and eliminating, varying density and permeability.

Edition of 300.