Fish from Tahiti - Decal Baby LP (Harbinger Sound) LP/12"/10" vinyl

Harbinger Sound, UK

Decal Baby' is a compilation featuring a selection of cuts from Leicester's Fish From Tahiti. The songs were recorded and released at the start of the 2000s and originally released by FFT's Dave Dixey on his own Sorted Records label. The set also contains a number of unreleased tracks recorded during the same period. All featuring FFT's trademark sound of crazed loops and snatched samples all thrown together to create a drunken hypnotic haze. At times it is almost dubish, at others it's ventures deeper into abstract experimental areas. Given Dave Dixey's career starting out in the late-70s with Fuck Off Records artistes Anthrax For The People, running the legendary Alternative Capitalists cassette label and decades of promoting weirdness in Leicester, 'Decal Baby' is a worthy salute to a forgotten group and your chance to catch up. (Sound Ohm)