Evapori - Na Katarynce CDr (mini) CD/CDr/DVD

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1000füssler, DE

The source material used by Oliver Peters, aka Evapori, for this inspection of cavernous resonances is, unbelievably, a seven-inch record found in a flea market containing an old Polish waltz after which this mini CD was titled.

The only discernible vinyl trace is some initial crackle, but after a short while Peters takes off with a thorough processing, immersing the whole in an amniotic liquid made of semi-electronic morphing, a combination of chiaroscuro flanging, warped nightmares and impressive rumbles. Only in the last four minutes we manage to pick up deformed glimpses of the original song, under the guise of distorted piano fragments and incorporeal voices.

An interesting end for a well composed, absolutely intriguing piece.
-M. Ricci