Evil Moisture - Bat Vomit IIV MC (School of Meat Cutting) cassette

School of Meat Cutting / More Death and Horror, FR

"In the Vietnamese restaurant side room I was to put on a selection of weird movies... wasn't sure what the proprietor would think but threw on some 'sell-through' (those tapes cames in really cheap plastic moulded oversize cases) "BAT VOMIT" series, this one started with the title sequence half finished as was usual with such quickly made flicks, starting with a night sequence of a truck transporting midget soldier tanks, tiny squashed men like metal covered turtles, their boss a guy whose face was a mass of scrotum tissue with machine gun stems sticking out, firing at the enemy as they attacked the bridge. The proprietor said it was probably better to put that on tonight, and we agreed, ready to leave until a friend decided we were gonna eat a snack, round oily cardboard container hanging traditionally on the inside of the exit door, with lemongrass and fish which he scooped out into bowls. The famous taste was hard to reproduce because the toxic conditions of the factory and workers who produced this food were responsible for it's special flavour."
-Andy Bolus

All new material recorded 2014. Side B recorded live at DATA, Marseille.

Blue/white cover edition!