Rudolf ‎- Extreme Rituals LP (Erratum) LP/12"/10" vinyl

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Erratum, FR

Rudolf has released more than 100 CD's and albums internationally and is considered as one of the leading artists in the noise and experimental vocal scene. Born austrian and grew swiss, he is expert in scientific illustration, martial and therapeutic arts, and founded the audio-artists and aktionist collective 'SCHIMPFLUCH' in 1987. Early sonic studies examined the importance of timing, the power of silence, and developed shocking and confusing-precise cut-up compositions, 'aural alchemism', of documented extreme-situations, psycho-field-recordings, and direct actionism - an actionism of the unexpected. Regarded as 'art-brut shamanist','s path leads down thru the unconscious, deepest regions of human psyche and animal instinct. Abreactive outbursts arranged in the high art of timing, as mediated in disciplines such as kung-fu, confront all senses with existence - and open up the way to the higher being.

EXTREME RITUALS contains two raw, surgical and wild tracks of 17 minutes, masterworks of intensity.

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