Atrax Morgue - Close to a Corpse 2xLP + 2xCD set (Urashima) LP/12"/10" vinyl

Urashima, IT

First time on vinyl/CD reissue of the super limited "Close to a Corpse" 3xCDr set, released on Marco Corbelli's own Slaughter Productions in 2003. This is the sonic documentation of the performance “Autopsia dell’opera d’arte vivente come vivisezione del corpo di dio” in the Viareggio art gallery on February 24, 2001, plus a selection of 10 unreleased tracks recorded in the studio in September 2002.

On the occasion of the performance, Corbelli and three other artists staged an autopsy on a shapeless body, which represented the living work of art. Corbelli actively participated in the pseudo autopsy, as well as providing the sounds for the live event.

Both the live tracks and those recorded in the studio represent the artist's sonic maturity and stand out from the rest of his discography for their eccentricity and the ability to make exceptional use of analog synthesizers, pulsating tones and enveloping frequencies by mixing a shocking atmosphere of hellish manifestation, where cruelty and compulsive disorders are more evident and interesting, showing Corbelli deeper work, pushing himself further into the experience of his concrete ‘’noise’’ vision.

Edition of 199 copies.