Atrax Morgue - Sickness Report LP (Urashima) LP/12"/10" vinyl

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Urashima, IT

Performed August 7, 1995 Sassuolo, Italy.
Mastered at M Works, Cambridge, MA on April 22, 1996.

Comes with A3 size poster. Limited to 199 copies.

Sickness Report was released in 1996 on CD by Release Entertainment, a sub-label of Relapse Records for ambient, noise, and experimental works, active between 1992 and 2004. The tracks on the CD were recorded a year earlier. It is the coldest, most cynical and loudest album in Atrax Morgue's discography. The graphics on the CD, faithfully replicated also in the vinyl version, were made by Marco Corbelli with images taken from the volume ''Tecnica delle autopsie'' by Giacomo Mottura and are the perfect introduction to the sonic aggression that is coming.

Marco Corbelli’s artistic journey began in the early 90’s. Under the pseudonym of Marco Rotula, he started to release a series of fanzines in A5 format. The first was The Pleasure Agony, followed by Sick and Murders. The aesthetics of these first fanzines were very sophisticated and the content deals with topics that will follow Marco throughout his artistic career: sadism, schizophrenia, insanity, murder, psychosis, necrophilia, diseases, and most importantly death. In 1993, heavily influenced by his obsessions, Marco Corbelli began his musical activities creating the Slaughter Productions label and the Atrax Morgue project. Greatly inspired by Italian Power Electronics act The Sodality, with their 1987 LP Beyond Unknown Pleasures and from projects as Whitehouse and Brighter Death Now, pioneers of a minimal, evil and visceral electronic, Atrax Morgue released his first tape In Search Of Death which would be followed by a series of amazing cassettes in the succeeding years.

Marco Corbelli’s Atrax Morgue is the anxious and psychotic side of the electronic noise; a sinister, synth-based jarring project, rich with pulsating tones and throbbing static beats. His severely distorted electronic voice reverberates through the foreground like the spoken word performance of a homicidal maniac while the music beneath affords a suitable and macabre adieu for your deceased soul. This is the sonic equivalent of regulating the blood flow through a severed jugular, the life slowly draining, the hands kept warm and strictly in the process …

"So, obsessions have found a way to come out. Through violent and cold analogue electronic sounds, and my own voice." 
Marco Corbelli