The Rita & Wilt - Werewolf In The Black Space CD (Cipher Productions) CD/CDr/DVD

Cipher Productions, AUS

Reissue of the classic 2006 tape. This tantalising meeting of the minds first saw light in two ridiculously tiny cassette editions on Wilt's own ORCO label. This reissue maintains the roughly-sawn quality of the original and adds a lengthy new track. This CD finds both Wilt and The Rita dragging each other's imposing form into new areas; approached either as a re-imagining and re-contextualising of The Rita, or a brutish noise immersion for Wilt, 'Werewolf In The Black Space' surpasses any obvious confrontation for six moody, bloody, invasive and violent tracks of inspired texturising and midnight stalk which will appeal to those interested in either project's output. 6 panel cover booklet and traycard.