Dave Phillips - Sixth Mass Extinction LP (Total Black) LP/12"/10" vinyl

Total Black, DE

New 2019 full length from Dave Phillips, who should need no introduction. Active since '86 as a member of legendary grindcore band Fear Of God, and beginning to perform solo in '87- DP has spent the last 3 decades crafting a unique and nightmarish sound. Vocals and field recordings layered on top of each other create menacing and extremely dynamic compositions, each spanning a full side of the record. Sixth Mass Extinction is an appropriately titled soundtrack, with accompanying reading material.

A) Things Falling Apart - Composition for three PA’s (stereo version):
The original 6 channel piece was commissioned by Bad Bonn Kilbi festival, Düdingen, Switzerland 2018.

B) Radical Hope - Live action (studio version):
This incarnation of live action was initiated in January 2016 and has developed since. Triggered by a broken heart, it’s a critical analysis of subjective behaviourisms, self-reflections, self-criticisms and conclusions thereof. The subsequent translation of derived intentions into ritualised actions include purging, activating learning and healing processes, self-betterment, empowerment and hair-burning. Has since morphed into a piece about the relationship of the human as a species with planet earth as a cherished entity, such as a loved one, a friend, a partner, a companion, a parent or a family member, a home or an origin.

Black vinyl LP in embossed matte black sleeve, edition of 300. Comes with an 8pp A3 newspaper featuring articles that offer a broad view of what homo sapiens have achieved in terms of coexistence and in taking care of their home.