Julius Eastman - Femenine (performed by Apartment House) CD (Another Timbre) all products

Another Timbre, UK

I first performed Eastman's music in 2016, which was a revelation for me, as the extant scores are rather fragmentary and incomplete, some are even just transcriptions from archive recordings. Actually performing his music opened it out and became rather a wonderful experience with the musicians of Apartment House, who are some of the most amazing musicians I have ever worked with. I have known of the historical figure Julius for many years, mainly by association with his activities around Buffalo in NY state in the 70's, as a composer and performer. Also I had been aware of him on my radar through composer Mary Jane Leach's tireless collecting of all things Julius. I also met her by chance in NYC in 1998 at a friend's loft. In the experimental community there are a lot of resonances and symbiotic relations that co-exist and generate knowledge about composers and their work, so he has always been there waiting for me I feel. (Anton Lukoszevieze / Apartment House)

“Eastman’s stated aim with Femenine was to please listeners, saying of the piece that ‘the end sounds like the angels opening up heaven . . . should we say euphoria?’” –Mary Jane Leach