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Three Ways to Output from a Recorder arrives as one of Takamitsu Ohta’s first solo audio publications on physical format in nearly six years. During this time, he has performed frequently near and away from his home in Kyoto, recorded multiple collaborations, and continued work in the field of installation art (Ohta’s area of focus since 2004). These settings were documented by Senufo Editions in the monograph Elemental Studies. Recurrent in his sound works is the use of tapes, stones, piezo discs, motors, and other small objects as a means of creating environmentally charged phenomena of kinetic arrays. The pieces on this CD are of microscopic intimacy and don’t shy away from the humble circumstances in which they were achieved. They are sputtering, tactile works of translation captured in real time. Simple devices are used to weave a pattern of transformation, wherein human gestures are memorized and sparked into a variety of ticking matter. A tabletop ecosystem of friction graphs three compelling forms, ready to be traced repeatedly by listeners drawn to crisp etchings of life distilled into sound. Careful Catalog is honored to present this work, finding it in the lineage Joe Jones’ mechanics, Jeph Jerman’s animism, and Rolf Julius’ magnified miniatures.