SPK - Leichenschrei CD (Old Europa Cafe) CD/CDr/DVD

Old Europa Cafe, IT

2019 reissue of this 1982 classic. Leichenschrei is the second album by the Australian industrial group SPK (Sozialistisches Patienten Kollektiv). Their debut album, Information Overload Unit, explores a brutal industrial noise sound and places Leichenschrei as the stepping stone towards the group's synth based and rhythmical material that was to come after it.

In 1987, The Legendary Pink Dots' frontman Edward Ka-Spel talked a little about industrial music for the Italian fanzine Snowdonia: ''I was always interested in that; Throbbing Gristle really affected me and "Second Annual Report" would send shivers down my spine, their lyrical content and overall philosophy. But there are so many sub-TG who just say 'let's get in a bedroom, let's make a noise and let's call it art' and it's garbage! I think industrial music should have stopped completely after SPK made "Leichenschrei" because that was the ultimate, it was a brilliant album that nobody could make a better, more definitive work in industrial music.'' (The Attic)