Andy Bolus / Anla Courtis / Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson ‎- Sober Mario Bros. CD (Some) CD/CDr/DVD

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Some, DE

Originally recorded in 2008, this quirky set of five untitled tracks is just now seeing the light of day from the trio of collaborators: Andy Bolus, Anla Courtis and Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson. Sober Mario Bros., in a short edition of only one-hundred, is a collision of ambient and industrial noise. In short order this clash starts to sound like white water at high tide leading to open pockets of fragmentary silences and restrained roars. The impressive way in which it folds in on itself activates further churning contortions and bright frequencies that are edited fiercely, unplugged and replugged in quick succession.

The silences only heighten the darker, coarse edges, offering needed repose. Though at any moment this could twist up into something radical, the trio manages to find light orchestral nuances to paint the backdrop. That is before a shapely squall rushes the entire setting with gusts galore. This will keep you reasonably on edge until a random stampede is added to break any semblance of linearity. There are ghosts and tiny balloon-like blurts, mechanical rumble, sharp flutters and whispery soundtracks sewn into the fabric of this montage – but sober as advertised, this is not.

Sober Mario Bros. offers a real live presence, it’s a form of sonic performance art. Cool ambient breezes ensue amidst a thrilling production that repeatedly sheds its skin while deceiving the listener with activated stammer, and unlocked secrets. If you want to take the edge off, and redress it with something a little more/less comfortable, then take this one out for a spin. You are going deeper, and deeper… (Toneshift)