Inconsolable Ghost ‎- Sokolowsko Channelling MC (Fourth Dimension) cassette

Fourth Dimension Records, UK/PL

In August 2017 the UK/Hungarian/Dutch trio of Hilary Jeffery, Gideon Kiers and Zsolt Sores appeared at the Sanitorium of Sound festival in Poland's Sokolowsko, a village situated amongst rolling fields of green, woodland and hills in the west of Poland. Together, using a combination of voices, electronics, trombone and viola, they created a vast and fully immersive blanket of psychedelic sound effective in its ability to point to what lays beyond those constellations formed at the edge of the mind's eye. Powerful in both scope and vision, the music filled out the village's only cinema with serpentine drones and huge, foggy plumes of suitably crepuscular sound like steam-hammered crystal shards to the skull. This was an expansive music that instantly transfixed the listener whilst layers of meta-sound coiled deep within. The venue was perfect and the realisation undiluted by compromise. Thankfully, the event was recorded and forms the the basis to this limited edition cassette release for Fourth Dimension Records. It captures the entire hour-long concert and certainly will not be the last word from this group. Hilary Jeffery is also a member of Germany's Zeitkratzer, known for their intense orchestral arrangements of work by Whitehouse, Lou Reed, Column One, Alvin Lucier, Kraftwerk and others, plus collaborations with Keiji Haino and more.

Edition of 100.