Jon Wesseltoft / Balázs Pándi ‎- Infinite Vice MC (The Tapeworm) cassette

The Tapeworm, UK

Jon Wesseltoft: computer and electronics. Balázs Pándi: drums. Recorded live at Nonfigurativ musikk, Tønsberg, Norway, 2017 by Håkon Lie. All music performed live and improvised.

Jon Wesseltoft is an Norwegian musician and composer working both with acoustic sources and electronics in the fields of improvised music, sound-art, metal, noise and long-form music. He has a keen interest in the physical and phenomenological appearance of sound and of musical systems.

Balázs Pándi is an idiosyncratic Hungarian drummer with a broad range of styles. Pándi has previously collaborated with Merzbow, Wadada Leo Smith, Keiji Haino, Mats Gustafsson, K.K Null and Trevor Dunn.

Edition of 100 copies.