Linda Catlin Smith - Drifter 2xCD CD/CDr/DVD

Another Timbre, UK

The first in the Canadian Composers Series of CDs is a double album of chamber works by Linda Catlin Smith, who was born in New York, but studied in Canada and has lived in Toronto for over 25 years. The album ‘Drifter’ contains ten pieces dating from 1995 to 2015 played by Quatuor Bozzini and Apartment House.

In his introductory essay to the booklet accompanying the Canadian Composers CDs, Nick Storring says that “One of the primary tensions in Linda Catlin Smith's music is between its equal and simultaneous drive toward abstraction and lyricism…. Those who gravitate to the alluring melodic contours of Smith’s music and expect it to unfold along familiar lines will struggle when confronted with its lack of dramatic arc or formalised development. Conversely, those who are initially repelled by this same appearance are apt to be won over by its singular lucid-dream atmospherics.”

All tracks recorded at the University of Huddersfield, February to July 2016, except 'Cantilena' and 'Ricercar', which were recorded at the Church of St. Nicholas, Burton Pedwardine, near Spalding, and 'Galanthus', which was recorded at St. James Church, Midhopestones, near Sheffield.